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Landmark and significant agreement between the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar and HSP Software Technology

Landmark and significant agreement between the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar and HSP Software Technology

Landmark and significant agreement between the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar and HSP Software Technology

The execution of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Zanzibar eGovernment Agency (eGAZ) and HSP Software Technology (which is based in Istanbul, Turkey) marks a significant milestone towards the achievement of 100% Digital Government transformation in Zanzibar.

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The president of Zanzibar, H.E Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, deliberately prioritized Digital Economy transformation as a key pillar in his campaign manifesto. He has recently inaugurated the Digital Government Strategy, which will apply for the next five years.
HSP software technology company, founded by Halid Peynirci, will move forward with the State of Zanzibar on all kinds of digital transformation and finance and continue its investments.

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Consequently, we are positioning Zanzibar as the pan-African sandbox that will enable trade and innovation in the continent of Africa.

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As we roll out the digitization journey, we expect to attain 100% Digital transformation by June ,2024 – which is why the Zanzibar eGovernment Agency is seeking strategic partnerships to implement the Digital Economy Roadmap.

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The execution of our partnership framework with HSP Software and Technologies brings global experience and expertise to our table. We are seeking to leverage their global experience more so in the e-health sector, manufacturing of solar-powered automobiles, and largely innovative financing options for Critical infrastructure projects in Zanzibar.

We are pleased to have HSP Software and Technologies express their interest in working with us to realize the Digital Special Economic Zone infrastructure that will enormously impact the African continent and position Zanzibar as the destination of choice for Tourism and Investment.

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Lastly, we believe that through the partnership with HSP Software and Technology, we shall be able to tap into Turkish private sector opportunities more so the emulation of their TechnoPark models that shall go a long way into powering our start-ups.

Thank you very much, and God bless you.”Said Seif Said, Managing Director Zanzibar eGovernment Agency (eGAZ)

On his part, the Head of Government Business Solutions with eGAZ, Mr. Jevis OMONDI OKOTH who Witnessed the MoU execution said ” Partnership with HSP Software Technology gives Africa a glimpse of the future by enabling trust infrastructure and differentiated Solutions key to a disruptive path defining the new normal for African trade and innovation”


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On his part, Mr. Mehmet Sinan Yilmaz had this to say:

Signing of the MoU between the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar and HSP Software and Technologies is a major milestone in our efforts and à clear demonstration of trust and mutual understanding between the two governments of Republic of Turkey and Revolutionary government of Zanzibar which is a semi-autonomous government within the United Republic of Tanzania.






As a member of the Zanzibar Digital Economy Transformation Advisory Council, and as the incharge of Research, innovation and Industry with the Zanzibar eGovernment Agency (eGAZ), I want to take this opportunity to écho my president’s H.E Recep Erdogan’s call to the Turkish community to join us in taking this bold step in fostering strategic partnerships with Africa – The real opportunity exists in Africa, and Zanzibar gives government and private sector players the very unique opportunity as the global economy adjusts to the new dynamics post covid-19.

Going forward I shall Lead the efforts in replicating the TechnoPark model as a Turkish export in Africa. This partnership will immediately see investment in Smart Nation infrastructure that shall represent 388 TechnoParks designed as Innovation hubs to support start-up development in Zanzibar, and Africa at large.

This partnership will see us open a the Zanzibar Digital Economy Transformation Centre right here at the Istanbul finance centre making Africa just a doorstep away.

I call upon private business associations , cooperatives and government agencies alike to be part of history by joining HSP Software and Technologies as well as eGovernment Agency to explore multiple trade and innovation opportunités in Africa.

Thank you very much, and God bless you.”

Finally, the Founder and CEO of HSP Software Teknology has the following to say:

This is the speech of MD, HSP Software and Technologies Mr. Halid Peynirci “Honourable members,

The press,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The execution of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between my company, HSP Software Technology and the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar through the eGovernment Agency (eGAZ) marks a major milestone in the history of Istanbul Finance Centre (IFC) and in the history of Innovation and trade in Africa.

We are honoured by the deliberate efforts of the Zanzibar president H.E Hussein Ali Mwinyi to solicit strategic partnerships in Turkey and elsewhere in the world towards realisation of the Socio-Economic Transformation agenda to the Zanzibar citizens and Africa at large.

This MoU will enable HSP Software Technology to establish the International Digital Commodities Exchange of Africa (iDCEA) in the Istanbul finance centre, a project that will be anchored in Zanzibar. We shall equally host the Zanzibar Digital Economy Development Centre, the ZanMalipo House and their maiden Tourism project to the world – Elective Abroad.

As the Zanzibar government gears to achieve 100% Digital Government transformation, HSP Software Technology will be at the front end leading technology and investment efforts. We are soon opening our doors to other stakeholders including players in the financial sector, Healthcare, defence and food security to join us as we make this remarkable milestone.

As HSP Software Technology company, we are proud to be associated with eGovernment Agency from where we shall be part of the journey towards enabling Zanzibar as a continental sandbox where we shall derisk innovation and trade and unlock private investment. Beyond digitization lies the Zanzibar Digital Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) whose derivatives include the e-residency program, the Digital Nomads program and the international Digital Commodities Exchange of Africa (iDCEA) – we want to deploy Digital infrastructure from which one would setup and run a company in Africa within a day.

Thank you very much, and God bless you.”


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